A guide you can use to give your house that modern touch

A modulated and complementary approach

Most people live in relatively traditional homes that would not look right if they were updated or remodeled in an ultramodern way. Thus the need for a more modulated approach that complements rather than clashes.

Ideas, tips and product information

In line with that approach, ideas and tips about how to give your home a modern look are found throughout this website. Modern products that will fit in well with today’s American home are also featured.

If your home already has a modern feel, see our Products page for ideas that can make it look even better.

Our Contracting Guide e-book provides a road map

We also offer a low-cost Contracting Guide e-book that can help you find and manage contractors. Think of it as a road map that can save you money, help you avoid problems and make your updating or renovation project go as smoothly as possible.