Dressing up this area adds to the curb appeal of your house.

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Front lights

Let’s face it, most exterior lights are nothing to write home about. Overly ornate and frequently attempting to masquerade as 19th Century gaslights, they detract from rather than add to a house. Modern lights can do wonders in terms of giving your house a different and appealing look. These lights are one option.

Tip: Put your front lights on a timer so they go on and off automatically.


Instead of a standard, old-fashioned looking doorbell, think of something clean and modern like this one. Note that part of it will be recessed into your doorframe (i.e., it is not flush mounted). An appropriately sized hole will have to be drilled to accommodate it.

A less expensive alternative can be found here. This doorbell is also recess mounted.

Front lockset

A modern lockset can make a big difference. More information on the Small-but-meaningful page.

House numbers

The typical American house is identified with traditional looking house numbers. A more modern look can be easily achieved. Some ideas are found here and here.


A clean-looking doormat will nicely complement your modern-themed home.


Most planters are overly styled. These are sleek and attractive.