The typical home can use improved lighting. Not only will your rooms look brighter, but they will also look more spacious.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights (also known as can lights) provide a clean modern look. While not cheap, they are not cost prohibitive either. You will typically need anywhere from four to eight per room depending on room size.

Today recessed lights often come with integral LEDs. Some might prefer them for their sharper appearance.

Tip: Make sure to have a role in picking exactly where the new recessed lights are to go. Often you will need to shift things around to account for ceiling joists. As luck would have it, they will frequently be exactly where you want your lights to go!

Drum Lights

While recessed lights are nice, you probably do not want them in every room. Drum lights are another modern looking alternative. They work well in bedrooms or dining areas.

Tip: Have the drum light installed so the seam in its shade faces away from where it will be seen the most. For example, facing the corner of a bedroom.

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Entry Area

This unique ceiling light adds a nice touch to your entry area.

If you’re a bit adventurous, you can search on ebay for original mid-century modern lighting. While some of what you find there can be expensive, a lot of what’s available is quite reasonably priced. A good search term would be “Mid-century modern lighting”.


Clean looking LED light bars are a good choice and are available in various sizes.

Another option is recessed lights either alone or as a supplement.


Depending on how much light you need, you can go with flush mount lights or recessed lights in your hallways.


For a small closet, this inexpensive flush mount light has a clean modern look.

A couple of 4 inch recessed lights work well in a larger (walk-in) closet.